Our Program

The aim of our program is to provide an experience that nurtures children’s self esteem allowing them to realise their full potential and to be caring members of the family and the community. This is to be achieved through Montessori philosophy: Three components of this philosophy, which we emphasise, are:

  • Follow the Child

  • Teach me how to do it myself

  • Freedom through discipline

Multi aged preschool groups

The mixed age group (3-6 years) promotes community participation. The more experienced children (not necessarily older) have the opportunity to take on the role as peer, teacher, a mentor, a modeller and that also feeds back into that child’s feeling of self-esteem, belonging, being and becoming. This arrangement also allows for siblings to share some time within the pre-school.

Extended day

The Extended Day gives older and more mature children a more challenging environment. This will be a smaller group. The teaching staff in consultation with parents will assess each child's readiness for extended day based on such things as their ability to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Session times

Children are encouraged to start three-year-old pre-school sessions as soon as possible after their third birthday to gain the most benefit from the Montessori method, however, starting at this time is subject to available positions. Macedon Ranges Montessori Pre-school is open Monday to Thursday. Children accessing our three-year-old program will attend three morning sessions each week, from 9.00am - 12.30pm. Children accessing our four-year-old program will attend two extended day sessions from 9.00am - 3.00pm and one session from 9.00am - 12.30pm.  Additional extended day sessions may be available subject to current enrollment numbers. We endeavor to place children on their preferred days, although this is subject to availability.